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As a time-travelling foreigner hired by political rebels, your mission is to steal the cure from those who hold power.


  • 3D Puzzle – Platformer game
  • First Person View
  • First year School Project
  • Made by 6 students in 3 months
  • Created with Unity
  • Voted best project by a panel of professionals
  • Advanced and Powerful Game Mechanics
  • Realistic home made Voice Acting
  • Polished Aspect

Game Trailer

Main Role in the project: Project Manager

My roles were to evaluate the risks and the feasibility of the project and to make sure the work was made, in order to deliver the build on time.

  • Started with Work Breakdown Structure to get a global view of the project, address the tasks and define the planning.
  • Establish a Gantt Diagram to set the Milestones dates and monitor the progress of the project.
  • Use the HacknPlan website tool to manage and distribute the tasks in a clear and readable way.

Secondary Roles : Level Designer and Game Designer
  • Participated actively in the production of different Levels with the Lead Level Designer.
  • Built and adapted the paper Level Design in the engine while respecting the metrics.
  • Thought and adjusted the Game Design decisions throughout the project with the team.

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