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After a war opposing 2 planets, embody a prison warden in a political penitentiary exploring memories to discover the truth.

Synopse is
  • 2D Sideview
  • Narrative game
  • First year School Project
  • Made by 6 students in 3 months
  • Created with Unity
Strong Points
  • Exciting Shooter phases with impressive bosses patterns
  • 3 different artistic styles that fit well together
  • Great musics

Game Trailer

Main Role in the project: Project Manager

I was in charge of the smooth running of the project, the internal communication as well as managing the external artists.

  • Work Breakdown Structure: Created to have an overview of the amount of work and build the planning.
  • Gantt Diagram: Scheduled the tasks, established the Miletones, and updated frequently.
  • HacknPlan: Useful tool to assign the tasks and follow the project progression.

Secondary Roles: Game Designer and Level Builder
  • Design the Bosses Patterns on paper depending on their difficulty levels and their states of mind.
  • Build the prison in the engine according to the blueprint made by the Level Designer.

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