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Pick one of the three available RPG characters and fight against your friends in this local multiplayer game!

Supermarket Heroes is
  • A Funny and Competitive game
  • Up to 3 Players in local
  • Battle in an arena
  • Result of a Game Jam (Ludum Dare 43)
  • Made by 2 students in 3 days
  • Using Unity 3D, Maya 2018 and Photoshop
  • “Sacrifices must be made”

Game Trailer

Creation Process

  • Phase 1: Elaborate the game concept and define the classes, skills and art direction
  • Phase 2: Coding the first game elements, such as the character controller, the health point system, the basic skills…
  • Phase 3: Switch into a modeling phase : creation of the characters, the shopping cart, the shop props…
  • Phase 4: Finalizing the coding of the heroes skills while creating at the same time the level design

My work during the weekend

Phase 1

During the first phase, we simply discussed and debated on the concept, the heroes and skills and we put it on paper.

Phase 2

One of our intentions during this Game Jam was that I learned as much as I could about programming. We decided to start by coding the Character controller, the physical behavior, the local network…

Thanks to my amazing mate who has strong skills in programming, I was able to understand the whole code of the game and ask him questions about it.

Phase 3

After a long coding phase (especially learning phase on my side), we continued our work in duo and we dived together into the modelling stage.

I created the props of the supermarket, from the cans to the cornflakes boxes, the trolley for the heroes and the set of shelves.

Phase 4

For the final phase, we decided to split work. My mate finished the technical implementation of the characters, the skills etc.

As for me, I did the level design and the lighting of the supermarket, placed the shelves and props and structured the playground for a multiplayer local game.

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