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Will you face the challenge and beat the boss unleashing chaos?


  • 3D Boss Fight Game
  • PC Only
  • Impressive Boss fight
  • Dynamic Gameplay
  • Hardcore Gamer targeted
  • Producer on the project
  • Collective Project in school
  • +40 people worked on the game whose 6 were in the core developer team
  • 2 months project using Unity3D



For this game project, I worked with more than 40 different people all along the project. They were Concept artists, 3D Artists, 3D Animators and Game Designer.

One team of third-year Concept artists started by elaborate an Art Direction Document with environment, character, props and a little backstory. Based on that, 3D Artists, Animators and Game Designer started to work.

I mainly Communicate, Manage and Organize these people. The main difficulty was to do that with students that were not in my class, so I didn’t saw them everyday.

Producer Role

In my role as Producer, 3 key words follow me throughout the project:

Follow-up / Communication / Initiative


During the whole project I followed the work of the Artists but also of the Game Designers

  • Development of summary documents for artists to follow their progress on the project. These documents contain a complete listing of the necessary assets, an order of priority, their status and the person assigned to the task.
  • Regular meetings with the leads to monitor the progress and respond to any issues that may arise.
  • Setting up deadlines with members of the different teams.
  • Monitor the work of game designers using tools such as Trello or daily meetings, ensuring that deadlines and deliverables are respected.
  • Supervise the smooth running of the voice recording session as well as the presence of everyone at the session with the narrative lead.


Regular communication with the artists was important because this project was not a main project for them, unlike us the game designers.

  • Motivate artists by providing them gameplay or environmental screenshots. Seeing their work used and implemented in a game has greatly encouraged them to work for the project.
  • Communicate a lot with them personally to give them feedback about their work, and what we would like to change so that it fits perfectly with our expectations.
  • Invite them to come and see the progress of the game directly in our workroom in order to engage them as well.


Organizing special events and taking some initiatives was also important and instructive on this project.

  • Accompanied by the technical lead, we have listed the essential rules applied when working for the video game and show them to 3D artists and 3D Animators in order not to receive unusable assets and animation for our game.
  • We also received the help of 5 concept artists from outside the core project that I recruited to provide us with illustrations that accompanied the game story.
  • We built the WBS “Work Breakdown Structure” with the game designers team at the beginning of the project in order to have a global idea of the project and to set objectives.
  • I gathered the team of game designers and artists available during an end-of-project party to thank them for working for us in a good atmosphere!

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